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  There never seems to be enough hours in the day to get everything done. HiMARK$ will allow you to spend your time where it matters - working horses rather than doing paperwork. In addition to managing horses, managing customers and managing finances, HiMARK$ helps you manage your time.    

HiMARK$ provides all the tools you need to run a profitable boarding facility. In addition to managing time, managing horses, managing customers and service providers, HiMARK$ allows you to quickly and easily manage finances. HiMARK$ automated boarding feature makes monthly billing one click away!

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In addition to managing all of the activities and finances of your breeding operation,
provides complete Stallion and Mare Management capabilities including mare breeding and evaluation; stallion collection and shipping, and association stallion breeding reports . HiMARK$ also includes one-step stallion breeding report filing.


For the equine Veterinarian, HiMARK$ provides comprehensive healthcare services tracking, detailed evaluation note taking and recording and scheduled reminders. HiMARK$ is an economical alternative to high priced veterinary software systems. Our mare management and stallion fertility modules are second to none. Both modules have been carefully created and tested by equine reproduction professionals and are a valuable source of information and a time saving device for practitioners.

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Not only does HiMARK$ provide a standard for the boarding, breeding and training aspects of the equine industry, the product health care structure is extremely adaptable to farriers' needs. Track hoof care details for the lifetime of the horse. Keep customer contact information and customer scheduling with you at all times, and Invoice customers before you leave their driveway.


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